Friday, December 3, 2010

What?! "Ditahan oleh Kastam KLIA"..!!

It just one fine day in office, when suddenly got 1 registered mail dari Pejabat POS KLIA. Omg!! What had been scared by most buyer(s) who purchase items from oversea dia happen to me. With the content stated "Barang di tahan Kastam Malaysia"..

Then i calculate what's the amount payable if get a 15% taxes being impose on the item. Wow!! The taxable figure (ie. if taxalable) really give me a shock. At last make up my mind to pay a visit to this POS KLIA on Saturday itself. Been ready with cash as well just in case, coz heard that they don't accept bank cheque.

Once reach there, follow all the procedure as guided by those officers custom. Eventhough the whole process take quite some time, to my suprise they actually "release" my item. Thank God! Their service level also good that day.

As informed by them i just need to declare the amount of purchased items only. And here goes the item that almost got me to pay the "kidnap ransom". Malaysia Boleh!! ^.^

Monday, November 29, 2010

November X'mas? (part 3) - update

Before i continue on this title, would like to wish all my muslim friends "Selamat Hari Raya Qurban".

Yeah, today few more parcels make its way again.. Hihi. This is my most anticipating items, yes it's the "Fortuna"!! A magnificant piece of art i would said ^.^

Would like to share also what had been escape from the "peti kebal" yesterday. They had served their grounded period well, so is time to release them and allow them to have some "breeze air".. LOL

This is what arrive towards end of the month, nice closing for the month of November. No idea what it takes the shipment for arnd 1 month to arrive.. really pity all those fine silver coins been sitting "naked" all the while. Lol

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November X'mas? (part 2)

Follow up from earlier posting, November x'mas parcel still coming in bit-by-bit.. What a great month! Santa been visiting me more frequent this time i believe. Haha..

Those are the latest silver bars from a parcel that received on last Friday. Mmm.. really think of bringing some capsules for the numbers of silver bars that i will grounded them into "peti kebal". ^.^

Mmm.. how many shlould i grounded them in leh? * still thinking * =.=

Friday, November 12, 2010

November X'mas?

Yesterday had been a day like in December, few parcels arrive at the same time. Really have the feel and mode like opening x'mas presents. Haha.. Shared below are items within those parcels.

While those remain items bought before silver booommm.. hope it will all come in a same day like this again. It is really excited to see all parcels on the table actually ^.^

PS: all tubes you are grounded into "peti kebal".. LOL

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exclusive Switzerland fine bullion

It had been 3weeks waiting and finally the most famous of PAMP Suise bar had been here. Lady Fortuna!! Magnificent it its craftmanship, that had heralded PAMP's superior quality silver products.

Each pamp sussie 1oz Silver Bullion is with 9999 purity sealed in Assar card for extra protection with its own serial number. Just a word to describe it.. "awesome"!! :)

Stay tune for the famliy photo of all the PAMP's soon..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 2010 bling.. bling.. (update)

It had been a busy year when my son turn 2 years old.. too energetic i would said. Haha.. Nevertheless it still not slowing down my passion towards "precious" metals ;)

Again i would force myself to hit 2010 personal target, 50 troy ounces of silver before call it a day off. "Gold-noob, 50 ounces?!! Are you sure, since you only actively back from August-2010?" - i ask myself.

As some said, "if you don't start the first step, you won't go anywhere". Alrite, i told my self lets try to make the "impossible" to be "I'M POSSIBLE!!". And here you goes for my August-September silvers purchase.. 15oz of silvers and 35oz to go.. ^.^

With the ending of October month, which also indicate the arrival of my "silvers" purchased for the month. Still on time, i would said.. Haha. Which also bring me closer to my goal.. 17oz down and 18oz fine silvers go only.. ;)

Below are my up-to-date "Certified Fine Silvers" collection. I think i start to addicted to it already.. ^.^
Stay tune for more updates. To be continue...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bye.. Bye.. Silver(s), Welcome "Precious"

At last have to bid farewell to some of my long collected silver bars. "It had been a pleasure owning u all.." I do know that the new owner will take good care of them too ;)

Every departure sure be follow with some arrival... and the long awaiting - "Welcome my new family members, 2 x 1oz Australian Kangaroo Nugget.."

A million thanks to a nice gentlemen/friend that i had made, for allowing me a chance to have a nice Brand in part of my "Precious" retirement collections.. ^.^